Frequently asked questions about online coaching

Maybe you still have questions about HeyCoach? You can ask your coach these, of course, but who knows, someone else may have preceded you.
Below are some frequently asked questions:

For what types of questions can HeyCoach help?
Managing heavy work load, setting boundaries, improving work/life balance, questions about career, how to derive more enjoyment from your work, dealing with difficult colleagues, assertiveness, dealing with stressful life events. These are some examples of the kinds of themes we work with.
Why choose HeyCoach?
  • You have direct contact with a registered work psychologist
  • HeyCoach is confidential
  • You determine the pace and theme of the coaching yourself
  • HeyCoach enables you to tackle a problem early on and so avoid illness and
  • You choose the form of contact that fits best for you (phone, video, chat).
Who pays for HeyCoach?

Your employer.

How does HeyCoach work?
Information about how HeyCoach works and how you can register is available through
your employer.
How much coaching time am I entitled to?

You are entitled to a maximum of 3 hours of coaching.

Any questions? Do you want to register?

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