Meet our Heycoaches

Good to know: all our coaches are business psychologist.

Our coaches

  • … offer a practical and solution-oriented approach to tackling your coaching question.
  •  … are registered psychologists who have been trained by Shared Ambition as e-coaches.
  • … are supportive and easy to talk to and are committed to helping others increase vitality and well-being.
  • … are experienced in working with clients in an online setting.
Anja Scheibe
Senay Kayaci
Tessa van Essen
Agnes van der Steen
Angela Koolmees
Barbara Duque
Bernice Winia
Carlijn Schouten
Erna van der Weerd
Gepke Scheringa
Evelien Fokker
Herre Trujillo
Ilona Lodder
Iris Ooms
Kalinka Winkelman
Larissa Uitdehaag
Leanne Ballantyne
Leoni van de Sande
Marie Jose Luttik
Marlies van Venrooij
Mieke Konings
Sabine Kruijssen

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